Friday, August 10, 2007

Authoriy: 1

According to the wonderful folks at Technorati, my "authority," whatever that might mean, has increased from 0 to all of 1 point. Wow. 1 point.

I think that Technorati's "authority" figures are based on "blog reactions"--that is, how many other bloggers link to my posts in their posts. So, the more controversial or interesting posts I make, the higher my authority gets. I have no idea why it went up to 1, because I still have 0 blog reactions. I am also, apparently, the three million, nine hundred fifteen thousand, seven hundred and fifth most awesome blog on the Internet.

Looking at your Technorati scores really makes you feel good inside, doesn't it.


Katharine Berry said...

I see your authority at 0.

I have an authority of 69, after 99 blog reactions, making my blog the eighty two thousand, two hundred and third most awesome blog. :p

Interfect said...

One page says "No authority", and the other says 1. Maybe I am mistaken, and it starts at one.

/me hates Technorati. -_-