Thursday, April 12, 2007


Looks like Sony is another company that thinks something is "secure" if they control it. On a blog called Three Speech (which is an interesting name), Phill Harrison talks about Sony's upcoming Home virtual world, which Terra Nova calls 2.0:
"Home is about entertainment, it has a game focus, and it’s about sharing with a like-minded community. We don’t give users the level of influence over the environment, behaviour and object definitions that Second Life does – it’s as secure as any other PS3 game. With some of the operating system protocols that are built into the Cell chip, it’s about as secure as you can be on a consumer device."
So something is "secure" when Sony rules the universe, and it's invulnerable to fiendish people who want to change the color of their character's boots without paying the required Boot Upgrade Fee of 100 SonyPoints. I guess it makes sense to say an MMO is secure when people can't hack the client up to send them halfway across the map, but I don't think anyone's ever sold an MMO by telling users they can't influence it.

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