Sunday, April 8, 2007

Have fun with There

There is too expensive.
$1 USD buys you 1,800 "ThereBucks" or T$.
However, it costs 5,000+ T$ to submit something to the catalog, and the "wholesale price" that There charges when you sell an item to someone is, for the cheapest item (a "kincknak"), T$200. This means that, for all practical purposes, nothing in-world can be sold for less than T$200, and nothing can be given away free.
That's probably why all the SL people don't like There. I hate to join the long tradition that Second Life Insider has of slamming various virtual worlds, and I haven't actually seen what this does to the There world, but There certainly seems far more expensive than it ought to be. Especially when compared to SL, where uploads are L$10, objects can be built for free, and there is no per-item cost.

I wish people had done more research on virtual world economics in non-game worlds. Castornova, the only person in the field, as far as I know, seems to only be interested in game-type worlds.

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