Sunday, February 14, 2010

Export your Facebook status to RSS, Google Buzz, or Twitter

With Facebook's penchant for constant redesigns, nearly every method for getting your status out of Facebook will eventually break. However, with a new Facebook Application called Status Export, you can now export your Facebook status to a public RSS feed that won't go away with the next Facebook redesign. Status Export creates a public RSS feed on an external site, which contains your last few status updates. Anyone and anything can access this feed, so you can use it to send your status updates wherever you like.

To export your status updates to an RSS feed:
  1. Simply install the Status Export application. It will immediately create a public RSS feed of your last few status updates, and tell you the URL.
  2. (optional) Be the envy of your non-status-exporting friends.
To export your status updates to Twitter:
  1. Export your status updates to an RSS feed as described above.
  2. Take your feed URL to a service like RSS2Twitter or TwitterFeed.
  3. Use the service to post stories from the RSS feed as Tweets.
To export your status updates to the freshly minted Google Buzz:
  1. Export your status updates to an RSS feed as described above.
  2. In the Status Export application, add your Google account username. If your Gmail address is, your username is .
  3. Get the "Status Export Google Claiming URL" from Status Export. You need to add this as one of your Google Profile's links to get it to show up as you in Buzz.
  4. Go to your Google Profile page at
  5. Click on "Edit Profile".
  6. Go down to "Add custom links to my profile", and put the Claiming URL in the "URL" field, and something descriptive in the "Link name" field, and hit "Add".
  7. Buzz won't know about the feed until Google next crawls the page. To make this happen, you can use Google's Social Graph API Recrawl Tool. Go to the tool, and log in with your Google account.
  8. Enter the Claiming URL, and hit recrawl. If you see a happy page with a green checkmark discussing inbound links, then the page has been recrawled correctly. If not, check your URL, and the username you entered into Status Export.
  9. Now go to Buzz and hit the "# connected sites" link. It should bring up a little box, and if everything worked correctly you should see "" under "Connect more sites". Hit the button to add it.
  10. Wait for Buzz to fetch the feed. This can take a few hours, as Google only seems to be fetching feeds at regular intervals.


Philip Chimento said...

Between steps 6 and 7 you also have to edit the link and click "this is a profile page about me", otherwise it won't show up in the recrawler tool.

I still can't get to show up in "Connect more sites" though. Any suggestions?

Philip Chimento said...

You have to check the box to turn on your profile URL to get this to work.

Nick said...

I have made a new application that effectively does the same.
However, it respects the Privacy modes you've setup.
Currently, this application is able to provide feeds for: Statuses and Photos, while maintaining the privacy settings for individual statuses and photos.

Anonymous said...

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Alaa Sadik said...

I received this error message
"No statuses could be retrieved from Facebook. Maybe the application's session key isn't valid? Or maybe you have no statuses? Try accessing the application again through Facebook."

Oliver Gassner said...

The app seems lost?