Sunday, September 30, 2007

War with Iran?

Why is part of the country (I'm looking at you, Fox News) trying to go to war with Iran? We've already been to war in Iraq, which doesn't seem to have worked out too well. There's no pressing need for us to be in Iran, as well (except that, falling directly between Iraq and Afghanistan, we would win in any game of middle-east tic-tac-toe). So, if there's no good reason for us to attack Iran (other than the fact that we don't like their government, which isn't a good reason anyway), why are we going there? I don't want another war. I don't support another war. I highly doubt that the American people, the United Nations, our increasingly alienated allies, or anyone else want us to enter another war. So, ideally, we can hope that the President asks Congress for a real declaration of war first, this time, so that someone has the opportunity to speak up for the people, and say "no". Or, if we're in the business of taking over countries with bad governments, why don't we try another region instead?

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