Friday, July 20, 2007

Monk: The Randy Disher Project

In the latest episode of Monk, one of the characters dropped a is supposed to be the web site for his (fictional) self-promoting rock band. Lo and behold, actually exists. Currently, it serves up a web page that looks quickly smacked together using some sort of site builder, promising the following:

This site will be dedicated to the greatest rock band in the world. THE RANDY DISHER PROJECT. News, photos, gossip, tour dates and much, much more. so stay tuned everyone!

Favorite Band Member: randy disher
Favorite song: don't need a badge

The domain was registered on June 27 to a company called Weeny Entertainment Ltd. (which, according to Google, doesn't exist), and (here's the interesting part) to one "Jason Gray-Stanford," the actor playing the fictional Randy Disher who dropped the name of the site. The admin contact looks to be an ISP standard mailbox from Adelphia.

Could there be a Monk ARG in the works? Someone should try the e-mail addresses and phone numbers in the whois info.


Jenna said...

I watched this Monk episode and wondered if the website existed. So I Googled the randy disher project and found the website. I'll try the email adresses.

Maggie St. said...

I just tried this website and it looks to have been taken down. :(

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